Why You Need to Study Self-Defense Aspects of Tai Chi, Xingyi and Bagua Even if You Do The Arts for Health

Uncategorized May 08, 2019

I asked a question of my website members two nights ago on our private discussion page for members only. There was a great response.

I asked if they joined to learn the arts (and Qigong) for health, fitness and meditation, or did they join for the self-defense instruction?

The answers were a mixture. Some do it primarily for health and fitness, especially if they are older.

Some people say they do not have training partners, so they are hampered in learning self-defense.

But some members are already studying in other schools with other teachers and are looking for more authentic internal principles, or their instructors do not teach self-defense at all.

I believe if you are studying with a teacher who does not teach fighting applications of every movement, you should run away and look for a new teacher.  But if you are in that situation, you can learn the information you need on my site and you will probably then be able to teach your instructor. He or she should be paying YOU.

If you do not know the self-defense applications of every movement -- even Silk-Reeling exercises -- you are just waving your arms around. 

Yes, it might help your balance, it might get you moving and help your leg strength and your hand-eye coordination. But in the end, it is a bit empty if you don't apply the movements in the form with the energy and the intent required for the martial application.

These internal arts of Chinese gongfu were designed to be fighting arts. To learn them in any other way is pretty; it is good exercise, but it is not what the form was designed for.

I have taught many classes that included students as old as 83, and I always show them the martial applications so they can understand the intent of the move.

The intent of any movement in the internal arts is NOT about "cultivating chi" or some type of nonsense like that. The true intent is the structure, body method and internal movement necessary to achieve a fighting goal while using relaxed power.

That is the intent of the internal arts.

It is NOT moving meditation, although some people use it for that purpose. When you empty your mind, you are not using the intent that the internal arts need.

You can learn both on this website. Use this link to learn more and think about joining us.

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