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Internal Strength and Silk-Reeling DVDs

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Internal Strength and Silk-Reeling DVDs

If you have not learned the body mechanics and principles on this DVD, your internal arts are empty. It is the simple truth.

The Internal Strength DVD contains more than two hours of instruction in the SIX key body mechanics you need for the internal arts of Tai Chi, Hsing-I, and Bagua. You will learn:

** How to establish and maintain the Ground Path

** How to maintain Peng Jin at all times

** How to achieve Whole-Body Movement

** How to understand the spiraling movement of Silk-Reeling energy

** How to rotate the Dan T'ien

** How to open and close the Kua.

On this DVD, Ken Gullette gives you a foundation in the "secrets" of the internal arts (here is a hint: they aren't really secrets, they are body mechanics).

By developing these physical skills -- they are physical skills, not metaphysical or mystical -- you will develop the "iron" beneath the cotton in your internal arts.

Ken demonstrates each of these skills and coaches students through them so you can see some of the mistakes that beginning students make. Part of this DVD was shot at a workshop with martial artists of different styles. 

This DVD is popular with thousands of martial artists worldwide.

Evan Yeung of Cincinnati wrote: "One gets the best instruction with hands-on training from an instructor, but Ken Gullette's "Internal Strength" DVD is the next best thing.  It offers in-depth analysis of the body mechanics common to all internal martial arts without the esoteric mysticism.  The presentation of the key concepts of Ground Path, Peng, Silk Reeling, and Whole Body Movement are done in a straight-forward and practical fashion.  The exercises are demonstrated in-detail, and are simple enough to grasp easily (although the concepts behind the exercises are far more profound.)  If you have been taking the internal arts for a while, this DVD demonstrates concepts that will improve what you already have.  If you are just beginning, Sifu Ken's DVD will give you a solid base on which to build on your skills.  Sifu Ken has done a valuable service to all internal martial artists who are serious about taking their art to the next level.  I recommend this DVD highly!"

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Silk-Reeling Energy Instructional DVD

You will learn silk-reeling energy from this newly revised DVD. It clearly explains chan su jin -- silk-reeling energy -- step-by-step with clear, detailed instruction, and sweeps away the misconceptions of this important physical skill. Silk-reeling energy is one of the unique aspects of Chen Tai Chi, although it was lost by many of the people practicing other styles over time. It's also a key component of Baguazhang. It is sometimes referred to as "reeling silk" or "chan ssu jin." Many people are taught incorrectly. It is not metaphysical. It's a physical skill.

On this DVD, Sifu Gullette demonstrates and guides you through 19 silk-reeling exercises, focusing on the body mechanics for this powerful spiraling movement through the body. He coaches a student on several of the movements, and there are scenes from a workshop Ken held in Illinois.

As a bonus, there is a section on pole-shaking, an important exercise that helps you develop skills that you need for good internal arts--using the kua, opening and closing, rotating the dan t'ien and whole-body movement.

The DVD is 2 1/2 hours long and costs only $19.99. Money-back guarantee if not satisfied. FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE! Note: International DVDs are shipped without plastic cases so we can provide free shipping.

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Internal Strength and Silk-Reeling Energy -- at Special Discount!

Buy both DVDs in one package -- the Internal Strength and Silk-Reeling DVDs (described above) for only $34.99. Save $5 on the individual price for both. There is a money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied for any reason.


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