Winners Announced for Digital Copies of "Enter the Dragon"

A few weeks ago, Warner Bros. contacted me as they prepared to release the new 4K version of "Enter the Dragon." They asked if I wanted to do a giveaway on my podcast of 10 digital codes. Of course, I enthusiastically said "Yes!"

So in the recent edition of the Internal Fighting Arts podcast I asked listeners to come to this blog and leave comments on what Bruce Lee and "Enter the Dragon" meant to their study of martial arts.

As it turned out, hundreds of people have listened to the podcast but only nine people actually left comments here on the blog.

Those nine people who followed the rules will automatically win a digital code for a copy of "Enter the Dragon." Those nine people are:

** Tom Norio Sakaishi

** Liam Machlin

** Eddie Ooms

** Neil White

** Jim Strother

** Mike Sherlock

** Ernesto Pon

** James Helms

** Jovan Lezaravic

Since the people above followed the rules and left messages on the blog post, they will each get a code. So that means I had one left. Several more people...

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