Translations of Ancient Tai Chi Classics Can Point You the Wrong Way

body mechanics tai chi May 15, 2019
I was reading a book by well-known martial artist and teacher, and he wrote something that could send people down the wrong path.

I like Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming. He has done some good things for the arts. He has tried to save some of the older texts and Chinese "songs" and "poems" related to martial arts.
He is a dedicated martial artist and scholar, and apparently a very nice guy. This is not about his skill.
But in his book, "Advanced Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan," he should have gone one step further when he translated and interpreted some old Tai Chi classics.

The first of the classics he presents in the book is supposed to be by Chang San Feng (also spelled Zhang San Feng), but we all know that there is absolutely no evidence that Chang San Feng was a real person. He is a "legend," which means he probably didn't exist. A lot of people who refuse to say the Chen family created the art insist that Chang created it centuries earlier.

Dr. Yang should have mentioned this in the...
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Studying with the Yang Family -- the Internal Fighting Arts Podcast Interview with Holly Sweeney-Hillman

podcast tai chi Apr 10, 2019

I have been doing this podcast for a few years now, but I have never talked with someone who has studied tai chi directly from the Yang family.

Until now.

Holly Sweeney-Hillman teaches in the Bedminster area of New Jersey. She is a student of Yang Zhenduo and Yang Jun. Holly is the Center Director for Bedminster/Montclair Yang Family Tai Chi Center and Senior level instructor of Traditional Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan, has been teaching movement arts for 25 years and is an Adjunct Professor of Tai Chi Chuan at Kean University, Union, New Jersey.

We had a very enjoyable discussion. It is always fun for me to realize how much we can have in common with people who love the internal arts, or any martial art, even when we come from different "styles."

I hope you enjoy this program. You can listen to it here or download it (see the little download button on the right side of the controls). If you like it, please spread it to your friends in the arts.

The podcast is also available from...

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Ken Gullette Interviewed by David Roth-Lindberg for Thoughts on Tai Chi Blog

David Roth-Lindberg interviewed me for his blog, "Thoughts on Tai Chi." 

The Q&A was published today. Here is a link.

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