I am a Guest on the Talking Fists Podcast - Talking Chen Taijiquan

I was asked by Ryan Patrick St. George to appear on his "Talking Fists" podcast. I said, "Sure. When?" And he replied, "How about now?" 

So we got on Zoom and talked for a while about training in two different "branches" of Chen style Taijiquan -- the Chen Village branch and the Chen Yu branch under Nabil Ranne. 

Listen to the Talking Fists podcast episode via this link. It's also available through your favorite podcast distributor.

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Brian Li Interviews Ken Gullette About the Internal Fighting Arts Online Course

Do you want to know more background on this website? Listen as Ken talks with Brian Li, creator of the "Online Course Legacy" podcast.

Brian's podcast is aimed at people who are running or launching their own online courses (on any subject) but if you want more information on when, why, and how Ken started this online course, you might want to give the interview a listen.


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