Martial Arts Success is Laid Out For You Step by Step: Do or Do Not, the Choice is Yours

Look! Up ahead! What's that in the road?
The highway is littered with wannabe martial arts students who think talking about it can magically make you a skilled martial artist.
I have been teaching now for almost 23 years, and I can't even count the number of people, mostly guys, who have told me, "I am going to be your BEST student."
They usually last two weeks.
Then there are the guys who contact me, telling me the list of martial arts they have studied, and as soon as they name more than one, I know they have no skill in anything.
And then there are guys who join my website, enjoy the two-week free trial, then cancel their membership after telling me how much they want to learn. A few months later, they rejoin, and cancel again at the end of the two-week trial.
At that point I make it clear: You can enjoy a two-week free trial once, but the second time, you can pay upfront.
I was exchanging messages yesterday with someone who has been a member at least three times and has canceled each time shortly after the two-week trial. Each time he joins, he tells me he is interested in one art in particular. The art seems to change each year.
It made me realize how many people have behaved the same way, telling me they want to develop skill in Chen Taiji, or Xingyi or Bagua. Hundreds of people have told me this.
The people who actually achieve skill are very, very few.
Even in the Chen Village, they say only one out of 100 students works hard enough and long enough to achieve skill.
There are a lot of teachers, including me, who lay out the path, step-by-step. It's there waiting for anyone who wants to work hard enough to achieve it.
I have spent many thousands of dollars and 47 years learning these arts. I am still spending money and training, trying to see deeper and improve.
My website exists to take all that knowledge and experience and break it down in a step-by-step learning curriculum so that YOU don't have to spend the thousands of dollars and travel the thousands of miles that I did.
But the responsibility of the student is to be consistent, be loyal, and support the teacher's efforts.
That is too much for some people.
It reminds me of Yoda. He was absolutely right when he said, "No! Try not! Do or Do Not. There is no try."
Except I might change it to "Do or do not. There is no want."
Yep, as I look in my rear-view mirror, I see the highway is littered with guys who "wanted" to be great martial artists until they saw how difficult it really is; the work it takes to develop skill; the bruising of the ego when you are told, "Not that way. Do it THIS way." 
Persistence and determination are keys to success in any endeavor. You must make a personal decision. Will I do it or will I not? 
Wanting is simply not enough. Everyone wants to be a high achiever, but the reason high achievers are looked up to is because the persistence and determination they possess are very rare.
What about you?

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