How to Maintain Your Balance in the Fearful Time of Covid-19

Uncategorized Mar 25, 2020
My wife Nancy is very worried about Covid-19. She thinks I am going to get it and die a horrible death on a ventilator in a hospital where she would not be allowed to be with me.
I was on a ventilator at Cleveland Clinic when they almost killed me in 2009. They were trying to stent a pulmonary vein that closed after an a-fib procedure that went bad. In attempting the stent, doctors tore the pulmonary vein and pierced my heart with the wire. I went to ICU, on a ventilator, and was drowning in my own blood for a few days.

I lost the function of my left lung. The photo on this post shows me at Cleveland Clinic. Since then, asthma developed and during the past 11 years it has became pretty serious. I am still able to do my martial arts, but on a limited basis and I often pay a steep price.
So Covid-19 would probably take me out.
Nancy has been in tears several times during the past week, afraid she is going to bring the virus home from work. I am trying to gently remind her that it's a really good time to be mindful and centered.
We need to be careful, take precautions, but we can't lose sight of the joy in each moment.
Try not to dwell on disastrous thoughts of things that might happen in the future. Come back to the present.
It is possible the virus will find me, but after being near death a couple of times since 2009, I find that my philosophy works. I don't let fear into my life. I find pleasure and laughter as often as I can during the day. I work hard at my craft. And I don't let potential future tragedy cloud my enjoyment of now.
I have a physical condition that produces strange feelings and sensations and occasional pains in my chest and lungs on a daily basis. If I let it ruin my day thinking that I might not be here next week, my philosophy would not be worth very much, would it?
I was talking with a Christian last week and I told her that Nancy was worried about me. The woman said that I was going to be okay, "In Jesus' name."
I replied, "I wish that worked. You know, churches nationwide have closed."
She admitted that was true. I stopped myself from saying more.
All the prayers in the world won't protect you from Covid-19. Neither will Qigong or Tai Chi. 
But how we react to this situation is in our control. It isn't easy to remain centered. It takes practice. Through Qigong, you can learn to calm the mind and body. In your daily life, you train yourself that in moments of tension or anxiety or stress, you relax the mind and body and center yourself. It really works. I have done it for more than 30 years. It isn't easy. It took a lot of work to make it an automatic part of my life.
Yes, I am concerned. I feel for the people who have already lost loved ones to this virus. Like most people, I am bracing for more bad news to come.
But f I let the fear of death ruin this beautiful day and cause me to be anxious and emotionally down, my personal philosophy of life would not be worth very much, would it? 
Even in very serious moments and times of crisis you can be centered. 
Be here now. Take care. Be cautious. Have fun and smile.

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