A Martial Art for Grownups in the Quad Cities

general our classes Mar 07, 2019

Are you a former martial artist, in your thirties, forties or fifties, still athletic and looking to stay in shape, develop more mental and physical balance and continue learning self-defense skills in a way that will challenge you but won't leave you injured the next morning?

Do you live in the Quad Cities area (Iowa/Illinois)?

It is time to resume your martial arts journey by trying a free practice with our small group of adults.

I don't seek "local" students very often, and what we offer is more complex than some younger guys want to study. Young guys want to learn to "fight." But we have a few more years under our belts, and we are not preparing to enter an MMA cage with an opponent who has cauliflower ears. 

We are learning self-defense arts that have tremendous depth in body mechanics and in the mental aspects of maintaining balance. There is a reason these are called "martial arts." 

Anyone can pound on another human being. The internal arts focus on something different -- using specific energies and methods to unbalance and control another person's "center." We maintain our mental and physical balance while our opponent loses his.

I teach the internal arts of Chinese kung-fu -- Chen style Tai Chi, Xingyiquan and Baguazhang. I also teach Qigong, exercises that help you calm the mind and body and remain centered in an unbalanced world.

The deeper you get into these arts, the deeper they get. It truly is a satisfying but very challenging path.

Also, as you get a little older, you don't want a martial arts instructor acting as if you should put him on a pedestal and treat him like a guru.

We have a relaxed, fun atmosphere in our practices. My students call me Ken. There is laughter and friendship, and we are serious about developing high-quality martial arts.

The practices also have a low cost. Here is the way it works.

A prospective student comes to a practice to try it out. If he or she likes it, they join the website at www.internalfightingarts.com. The first two weeks is free. 

After that, the website costs $19.99 a month and you get all your local training at no extra cost, including promotions.

How can I make it so affordable? Here are three reasons:

** I do not pay for a school building. In warmer weather, we practice outside at Veterans Memorial Park in Bettendorf. In colder weather, I rent a room two evenings a week at the Bettendorf Community Center. My costs are low.

** Students volunteer to be in videos for the website when needed. We usually have video shoots on Sundays. Students are not required to be there every time, depending on what you have going that day, but students are expected to participate in videos. I coach students through various forms and techniques, and the students appear in my videos on the website and DVDs.

** I make my money through scale. I charge less so more people around the world can afford it. So, in other words, the price is low because of volume, volume, volume.

It is a win-win situation.

My main "audience" of students is not here in the Quad Cities, it is worldwide, and there are members of my website worldwide who also pay $19.99 a month to study the videos and documents I create.

But because I do not have the overhead of a bricks-and-mortar location, I also do not have to teach children. And the adults who join us are typically serious about learning the arts and having fun while we do it.

So if you are a grownup who wants to study high-quality martial arts but don't necessarily want to get up with a broken face or sprained knee the next day, check us out, and I hope to meet you soon.

You can message me through Messenger, or call my cell phone or email me. Follow this link for contact information and to learn more.

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