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Martial Arts for Grown-Ups in the Quad Cities - Tai Chi - Xingyi - Bagua

If you live within driving distance of the Quad Cities, you are welcome to try our classes. Your first class is free and the only fee after that is $19.99 per month to join this website. There are no contracts.

All your classes, promotions and activities are covered by the $19.99 per month website fee. You will also have complete access to the website.

Because the classes are so inexpensive, only adults who are serious about studying these arts (and having some fun while doing it) are encouraged to join. Ken does not "dumb" the arts down for people who do not want to practice, and he does not teach children.

Ken Gullette's classes are held at least twice weekly in Bettendorf, Iowa. No uniform is required; just comfortable clothing you can move in.

The classes are very small, with a lot of personal coaching and detailed instruction by an instructor who has "students" worldwide who are members of this website or buy his DVDs.

But Ken's classes are not for everyone. Not everyone is accepted.

Do any of these qualities apply to you?

  • You are over age 30 and you have studied martial arts. You miss them and want to get involved again.
  • You want to study something deeper for self-defense but also to stay in shape, engage with people, and help maintain your mental and physical balance in a crazy world.
  • You want to be able to protect yourself and your family.
  • You would like to work on self-defense, but you are a little older now and don't want to spend time recovering from injuries inflicted by young guys out to prove something.
  • You are interested in more than just exercise and meditation.
  • You are interested in Tai Chi, but you want something that is too difficult for your grandmother.
  • You are still physically fit and healthy enough for exercise.
  • You are not interested in Tai Chi teachers who claim to have mysterious or supernatural powers (because you know that is nonsense). 

What You Will Learn:

  • Internal Strength Principles and Body Mechanics -- the foundation of all movement and relaxed power of the internal Chinese martial arts. These are physical skills, not metaphysical.
  • Chen Taijiquan -- Often spelled "Tai Chi," this is the foundational art that Ken teaches and it is the original art that all other styles of Taiji came from. Ken has studied directly with members of the Chen family and some of their American students. This is a graceful, fluid, athletic and complex martial art. It is much more difficult than it looks. We practice empty-hand forms and weapons such as straight sword, broadsword, and spear.
  • Xingyiquan -- An explosive, aggressive martial art that is not quite as fluid and graceful as Chen Taiji but is a powerful art for self-defense, building an art out of a foundation of five basic fist postures and the essence of 12 "animal" forms. We study Xingyi empty-hand forms along with straight sword and staff. 
  • Baguazhang --  Sharing many of the qualities of Chen Taiji, this circular, fluid art is also known for circle-walking, relaxed power, winding, flowing movements and vicious strikes, joint locks and takedowns. We study empty-hand forms and the Bagua Elk Horn Knives.
  • Qigong -- Also spelled "Chi Kung." This art helps calm your mind and body, develop mindfulness, helps you ease stress and teaches you to ride the ups and downs of life. You really are NOT supposed to meditate as you do Taiji, Xingyi or Bagua forms. Qigong is the meditation part of these arts.

Balance Yourself - Mentally and Physically - with Internal Chinese Martial Arts 

Interested in attending and trying it out? We practice in two different locations, depending on the weather -- Veterans Memorial Park on 23rd Street or the Bettendorf Community Center on Grant Street -- both in Bettendorf, Iowa. Our practices are at 6:00 p.m. on Mondays and Fridays.

Contact Ken if you have more questions or if you plan to attend and try a class. 

Phone: 309-207-0011

Email: [email protected]

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